1. mesonoxxxian:

    It’s not the plot itself; it’s Eva Green’s unbeatable acting.

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    What a goofball

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  3. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Premiere  [19.08.2014]

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  5. "Give a prop to Eva and she’ll drop it or break it"
    — John Logan at SDCC Penny Dreadful Panel 24/07/2014 (via partyinhannahsroom)

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  6. karliene-reynolds:

    Because I love this show so much !!!
    Thank you Showtime for making all my macabre, Victorian dreams come true. 

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  7. avaslord:

    Film Meme | 1/6 Actresses
    ↓ Eva Green

    I need to fall in love with someone. Sorry—I mean fall in love with something. I need to wake myself up.

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  8. Penny Dreadful: Vanessa Ives in every episode

    ↳ 1.07 — "Possession

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